"Who Else Wants To Create Software Without Programming, Make Software in Hours ...and Money in Days!"

Instant Software Builder made my dream come true!

The possibility of creating my own software has always fascinated me. But I have no programming skills whatsoever. Cody, your software allows me to finally transform my creative ideas into beautiful programs without having to learn difficult coding.

Now I just design a good page in my html-editor, load the document into Instant Software Builder, click a couple of buttons and out comes my software!

I've been using a different software builder before, but for some reason my applications never got a professional feeling to them. With Instant Software Builder however, I'm now able to build very sophisticated programs!

My latest product - Concept Evaluation Wizard - is praised for it's fabulous multi screen interface which includes browse buttons and embedded images. My customers also very much appreciate the way the end report is saved to several documents which are all hyperlinked for easy browing. I'm told I can easily sell this software for $97. That's how good it is - all thanks to Instant Software Builder!!

I don't want to even think about how long it would have taken me to put this software together if I hadn't used Instant Software Builder. It would have taken years... But now I can create a series of software in days to sell or give away when people sign up for my newsletter. And they're all viral as well! ;-)

Cody, thank you for making Instant Software Builder!

Patricia Ritsema van Eck

Note: This person received free access to review the product.

From: Cody Moya

You know there are three things that have to happen for you to make money in an internet based business. Number one you need to have a great product for sale. Number two you need to get traffic to your website and number three once that traffic is there you need to be able to convert them from prospects to buyers.

Of the three, A great product is most important and can be all the difference between an average and a successful business. No amount of marketing is going to make up for not having a killer product.

"But what do I sell?" you may ask. "And what will make me the most money, the kind of product that will earn me Tens of Thousands of $$$ in weeks?"

Keep reading to find out an answer.

Until a few months back, I was in the same boat as most us and never really knew why my Internet business never took off. I tried every trick in the book, but success kept eluding me. And yet, I would hear and witness new businesses sprout like mushrooms on the Internet and become successful.

I decided to take things in my own hands and decided that if I didn't act I would be living the same old dull routine. And then, one fine day I discovered an Amazing, Incredible idea that changed the fortunes for me!

You don't have to wait for a discovery to happen for your fortunes to change overnight. Fortunately, I've something in store for you! A Product that will leave you amazed and could have you making Thousands of $$$$ in days!!

"But what do I sell?" you may ask again.

Software Programs is the answer! More people have made fortunes selling software than any other product on the Internet and that includes me :-) !

With software programs, you don't have to maintain inventory! Can be downloaded and ready to use in a flash! ..and best, you don't have to worry about "supply-chain", "logistics" or any other headaches that come associated with a regular product!

Now here is a twist...
How about making your own Software Programs and selling it !!

Surprised? Yes! How about making your own Software Programs in Hours?!!
Before you think I'm crazy! Let me clarify, no you don't need to know a line of programming nor do you need to hire a programmer!

I agree it sounds hard to believe! Most of us would! After all, how can you create a Software Program without a Programmer and that too in hours??!!

Well! Read on! I have an interesting incident to tell you that will finally make sense to you!

I make my living selling software products online, more like a reseller. I always wanted to make my own software programs and sell it. I had great ideas on the kind of software programs that could be developed and sold, being a marketer, I knew how much money I could make. But all said and done, I didn't have the kind of money to setup my own development center or hire an expensive programmer!

Then it happened...
A few months back, I read an article on a new kitchen appliance of the future that will revolutionize the kitchen industry by its ability to cook food on its own! All you need to do is enter the recipe, feed it with the right ingredients and within minutes the food of your choice is ready!!

I thought to myself, Wow! now that would be something, imagine making your own Apple pies or burgers without knowing a thing about cooking! Now I'm a marketer and I thought what if someone caught on early? Using this appliance, he or she could become a successful restaurateur without investing in cooks!

....then like a lightning bolt, it struck me!

What if there was a Software that could make Software Programs! by entering a recipe!! One where you didn't have to know anything about programming! ..and with the right effort put in marketing, you could make a fortune selling unlimited software!!

The idea was so overwhelming that I had to note it down somewhere. I took my notepad, scribbled a rough draft of how the Software should work and everything else that I had in mind!

I called up a close friend who ran a software company, discussed with him the technical complexities and took his perspective. He couldn't digest the idea either and was surprised that he didn't come up with this idea! In a couple of meetings, we piled in more ideas and were ready with the specifications for the Product.

Once in a lifetime you come across an idea that can change your fortunes, and this was it for me! With a team of highly competent professionals and software engineers, I developed this product and ...

I'm proud to present, The amazing Instant Software Builder!!

Imagine churning out software in hours and then selling unlimited copies! no royalties, no paltry commissions. You could also setup your own affiliate scheme and have resellers selling your software as well! With the right efforts you'd be making a fortune out of selling software!!

This one is the Mother of all Software! Pun Intended!!

Get the Instant Software Builder NOW!!

ISB is a solid, flexible Software Development Tool

I've been looking for a solid Software Development Tool for sometime now.

I looked at MYOS, but I was'nt totally convinced.

Then I found it! ISB is a solid, flexible Software Development Tool. My new software should be on the market in a few weeks.

Isaac Johnson, CSA

Note: This person received free access to review the product.

Top 10 Reasons why you must TRY NOW!!

Start Selling from the word Go! Load in a recipe, push a few buttons, customize it to your requirement and generate your own Software Program ready to use and Sell!

Manage your own Reseller Network and Make money! With the Instant Software Builder, you can start a reseller network for your software and stream in more prospects and generate more money!

Minimum Risk, Maximum Potential! People have made fortunes and have earned tens of thousands of $$$$ selling software products on the Internet. Now you can make your software product using the Instant Software Builder and reap the riches instantly!

Leave affiliate links in the application, which is an additional source of making money!

Excellent Viral Marketing Opportunity , Spread the word around! Make irresistible software using the Instant Software Builder, give it away for free and include links or generate interest for your product or website.

No Programmer Needed! Yes! You can now create your own ready to use Software Products without employing a Programmer or ever having to know anything about Programming! Save money on Programmers!

Easy to learn and understand that even a novice can make a Software Product and get it up and running within an hour! The Instant Software Builder comes with an easy to understand user interface.

For a one time cost of $17 (exclusive price for a limited time period), you can generate your own, unlimited copies of Software Products!

100% Money Back Guarantee We are extremely confident of our product and the prospects it holds for you. In the highly unlikely event that you are not entirely satisfied within a month's usage, we will refund the entire purchase price to you!

Get productive! Make your Software! Buy NOW!!

Why you would absolutely want it!

You've gone through the genesis, you've seen what a revelation the Instant Software Builder is, you've all also read the top 10 features why this product is a must to a profitable, money making venture.

Now, let me walk you through some instances and more successful and profitable reasons, which will absolutely amaze you and leave you wondering why you hadn't known it before!

But first here is a glimpse of the kind of fortunes people have made selling software and technology products!

Larry Page, along with his partner worked on a software algorithm that made his search engine different from others, his product was an instant success. Today he is a multi Billionaire and he is the co-founder of Google.

A teenager left college and started making and selling software which he knew would be of high demand in a make-shift garage . With clever marketing and acumen, overtime, he made enough money to start his own company. Today his company makes software that earns more than 20 Billion $$ in revenue and making him the richest man in the world. We are talking of Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft.

A 16 year old hippy kid, a college drop out knew early on that the Internet would change the way people would use and distribute software. He made a music player that would play MP3 and other sound files, was easier to install and rich in features, others didn't stand a chance! Within months he sold 15 million copies of his software and within 2 years he set up his own company and commanded a huge share of the market. Later, AOL acquired his company and he was paid a cool 100 Million $!
We are talking of Justin Frankel, creator of WinAmp

And of course there are people who have made of Millions of $$ and more overnight but who haven't made it in the news.

Such success stories are in abundance, people becoming millionaires overnight and billionaires over a short time. From rags to riches almost instantly, but this trend has been noticed only recently in the past decade or two. Yes, software has been the common factor behind such riches, success stories.

But know what, the Internet has literally "stepped on the gas" and made more millionaires out of software selling than ever before! The reason is simple ...

  • When you are selling on the Internet your customers can pay, download and use the software instantly.
  • You can set up affiliates and reseller network in days! and watch your business grow before your very eyes!!
  • Revenue is instantaneous, payment is quick. No credit period, no payment delay.
  • There is no inventory to maintain, no stock to keep, no perishable items, no warehouse costs. No logistics overhead! Your Return on Investment (ROI) is the best!

Cash in on this Opportunity! , Buy NOW!!

Hi Cody,

When I found Instant Software Builder and realized the power that is gave me to create multiple outputs in one application I gladly handed over my wallet despite the fact that I have been using a competing product (with much success) that sells for $197 but had many limitations.

Instant Software Builder has eliminated those and given me many of the advanced funtions I needed to make my applications truly useful.

Look, I have to be honest with you, I am no programmer but I know a powerful tool when I find one and your app tops my list for software that increases the profitability of my business.


Josh Anderson


Do you get the inkling? Yes you could be one of them! Those riches and fortunes are yours in the making. And for the first time, you have the ability to make your Software and sell it! Imagine making hundreds and thousands of $$ in unlimited selling, from royalties, reselling, affiliate networks ...the list is endless!

All you need is an idea, refine it, get on to the Instant Software Builder, push a few buttons and out pops your Wonder Product! Ready to be Sold with a price tag!

"But all said and done, why wouldn't I hire a programmer and do the same instead of using the Instant Software Builder?", you may ask.

Here is why ...

  • It takes a lot of money to hire a good programmer in the tune of 10,000$ over a few months. In the end you may still not be completely satisfied with the job which means additional time spent in rectification and spending more money. Time and Money wasted.
  • There is also a possibility of inconsistencies in the coding and errors that may creep up in later stages. You wouldn't want your product to throw error messages to your customer! that is the last thing you want, a bad reputation!

"Ok! I get the point!, But what if I were to learn programming myself and develop Software products myself?!" you may ask again.

Not a bad idea, BUT provided you are willing to invest thousands of $$ in rigorous training! Remember programming is not a piece of cake, it takes years of dedication and practical experience to become a good programmer!

Besides, you will need to invest in the software and other resources as well which will add up to your expenditure. Also, the chances of errors are also high. You will need someone to beta test your product, do an extensive testing for errors and the works.

Instant Software Builder saves your truck load of money otherwise spent and your valuable time! Using my software, making high demand software product is a cinch! ...and with the right marketing approach you could be selling by the millions!!

Just imagine the possibilities!
You've struck upon an idea and you are absolutely certain it will be selling like hot cakes. Now here is the fun part, within hours your product is ready, you upload the product to your website and voila! its up for sale!

From Design to Development to Deployment to Sales ...all in a day's time!!
Within days your bank account could be richer by a several thousand $$$!

Incredible, You could leave the guy who runs your neighborhood software company clueless and sick in the stomach!!

Now I already have a few amazing ideas that can be converted into software products . These are ideas that could sell like hot cakes!!

Know what, I'll make your life easier ...this one is on me! Let me throw in a few amazing ideas to get you kick-started that could get you on the path to profitability!!.

Sales Letter Creator

If you are a businessman weren't there times when you wished you had a software that would make wonderful salesletters. Salesletters that were laid down in an enticing, time-tested format, one that is highly likely to bring the revenues streaming.

Now what if that wish were to become a reality thanks to the Instant Software Builder?! So now, not only will you make a software that will churn out Magnetic Sales Letters but you can start selling it too!

Let me explain how it works, once your Sales Letter Creator software is made...

  • Users of your software will feed in the required information as needed, they click a few buttons and voila! out comes a Sales Letter.
  • The sales letter created by your Sales Letter Creator software will be in web-ready format ready to be uploaded to a website and up in action!

The market for Sales Letter creating software is so hot that your software can become an instant success with the right approach!

Wow! Now this is something, isn't it! ...you can pitch your own Sales Letter Creator along with the others!!

Well if you haven't guessed ... this sales letter was created using the Sales Letter Creator that I developed using the Instant Software Builder!!

eBooks Creator

The Internet has digitized most forms of media we know, more and more people are spending more time on the Internet than an ever before. It is isn't surprising that electronic forms of books or ebooks are increasing in popularity.

If one were to go by statistics, ebooks sales and popularity is growing by leaps and bounds and there is lot of money in stake for someone who is wise enough to tap in! ..and that someone could be YOU!!

Imagine creating your own ebooks with a software and what if you made it yourself! Yes, with the Instant Software Builder, you can create software that will make ebooks!

So if you had mind blowing ideas or you are a guru of concepts and you want to spread the word, around there is nothing like an ebook to make you popular and get you noticed!

Now let's consider the other possibility...

Hundreds of Thousands of users out there want to write their own ebooks, don't know how to and are looking for a software that will make an ebook for them! So here is your chance, you make a software that makes ebooks and put it for sale and ...well! you could make hundreds of thousands of $$$$ selling your ebook creating software.

Let me explain how it works, once your ebook creating software is made...

  • Users of your software can choose from some of the templates that are available to them. They decide what design is featured on the front or back cover and even embed an icon that looks like a hard cover book!
  • Your ebook creating software will ask your users to add the title of the book, the index and of course the content for the ebook.

So here is your chance to sell your awe inspiring ebooks to the world and of course give others a chance to make their own ebook using your ebook creating software!

Affiliate Letter Creator

We all know the value of affiliate marketing and affiliate networking to our business. Affiliate systems have dual benefits, they increase the page ranking of your website in search engines and they are an alternate door to your website from the affiliate's website. Either way, you are guaranteed to get a regular stream of customers to your website!!

Now who wouldn't want that! Affiliate marketing is the buzzword of today's Internet economy, many have successfully implemented it and many others can't wait to join the bandwagon!

To create an effective and profitable affiliate network, you need to have as many members as possible. If you aren't aware, this is how it works. You send an email to some of the super affiliates getting them to notice you and add your website.


You could send them a mass mail without customization and land in their trash can


Send them a personalized mail explaining them the benefits of your website and atleast get them to open your email!

However, personalization is time consuming and you may have to enter the details over and over again. Not a productive use of time. Its time you consider a software that does the personalization for you!

Yes! we are talking of your own Affiliate Letter Creator software generated using the Instant Software Builder! Using your software, you can personalize all aspects of the affiliate letter!

Let me explain how it works, once your Affiliate Letter Creator is made...

  • The template and layout of the Affiliate letter can be chosen and customized by the users of your software. They can save different layouts for different affiliate situations.
  • Variable fields like name, email address etc. of the recipients can be added in one step and salutations and the Affiliate letter message can be added in the next step.

    Once the required information is collected you user pushes a button and like magic, you have personalized affiliate letters!

Isn't that wonderful! Now I'm certain you know the value of a software that creates Affiliate Letters on the fly!

So not only will you benefit from creating Affiliate letters quick and easy, you can now sell your software too for others to benefit ...and increase your revenue in the process!


Viral Marketing Tool

Viral Marketing isn't a new concept, it has been around for decades and has been used extensively and successfully in traditional marketing campaigns to generate an amazing amount of interest in a product.

To give you a recap, viral marketing is used to spread the word around for you and self multiply like a virus (which is how it gets its name). Viral marketing is the least expensive of most marketing methods because once you invest in the initial message or "payload", the process takes care of itself.

The effect can either be incredibly successful or a disaster depending on how your approach it. It all depends on how much interest your viral marketing tool generates and whether it is able to convince the reader or user of the ingenuity of your message.

Now how about creating a software product that acts as an excellent viral marketing tool?! Well pal, using the Instant Software Builder, you can create your own Viral Marketing Tool!

You viral marketing tool will have something interesting or fascinating for the users. At the end, you can tell the user to spread the word around by entering in the email addresses of as many users they would want to share with.

The possibilities are endless and your viral marketing tool could vary with the product or message you are trying to convey to the end users.

There is nothing more effective than a Viral Marketing Tool that promotes your product or your website and gets users flocking in! An excellent way to increase traffic and revenue! ...and of course you can create as much as you want in all variations with the Instant Software Builder!!

Now what you have seen above these are just some of the few highly profitable ideas that you could convert to high demand product. You could churn out more exciting ideas into products ...the only limit is your imagination!

Come to think of it, the Instant Software Builder is like a key to a treasure chest and your ideas are like the map to the treasure. Well you have the map in your mind! now all you need is the key to your fortunes!!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question #1
Can I create a recipe ? Do I get free recipes with this Software?
Answer: I have included a comprehensive manual and help on how to create your own recipe. It isn't difficult and once you get a hang of it you will be creating your own recipes in no time!

Question #2
Will the Software Products that I develop using Instant Software Builder occupy a lot of disk space?
Answer: No, the Software Products will be Cleaner and Compact. The product generated using the Instant Software Builder has a smaller footprint and is easy to deploy. Images are stored in the EXE!

Question #3
Is there a framework restriction to the application?
Answer: Yes, With the Instant Software Builder you have to stick to a certain framework, but don't worry there are infinite possibilities of applications that can be made around that framework!

Question #4
What are the different forms of installable that I can create for my application using the Instant Software Builder?
Answer: You can create .exe installable or Windows installable for the application that you generate. Create self-installing software in a jiffy! No more messy instructions on how to install the software. All the user of your software has to do is run it and your application will install itself!

Question #5
Using the Instant Software Builder, is customization possible and how much can I customize?
Answer: . Yes I've ensured that you get the most out of the Instant Software Builder, which includes customization. Customize most aspects of the software you will create including the visual and functional aspect of your Software Program.

Question #6

What do I do if I experience difficulty or am unclear with any of the steps used in generating the Software Product?
Answer: I've made sure that you get the best and the easiest interface for the Instant Software Builder, but just in case you are unclear about something you can refer to the comprehensive manual or help file that is sure to clear your queries. Of course, if that doesn't help you can contact us and we'll be obliged to help you!

Question #7
What are the different types of applications that I can develop using the Instant Software Builder?
Answer: One of the things that I wanted out of the Instant Software Builder was versatility. Hence, when creating a software product, you can choose from three different Modes. Advanced Mode, Multi Paged Mode and Single Paged Mode.

What is the cost of this amazing product?

I have spent a considerable amount of time researching and developing the Instant Software Builder and I'm proud of the outcome. It would only be unfair if I didn't share this innovative system with the rest of the online community, people like you who would benefit most out of it.

The regular price of this product is $97 BUT I'm giving the Instant Software Builder away for price of $17!. At this price, it's a steal considering the benefits !. But the offer is for a limited period!

Instant Software Builder will be your best investment ever and the only thing you'll regret is not having purchased earlier! So hurry, remember this exclusive price offer of $17 is for a limited time only!

Don't Miss this Exclusive Price Offer!, Buy NOW!!

My 100% Money Back No Questions Asked Guarantee!

If you were looking for Assurance, there couldn't be a better one! Yes the Instant Software Builder comes with a 100% money-back guarantee. I'm certain you'll be satisfied... no! extremely satisfied with the Instant Software Builder! I am very confident about that!

However, for some reason if you are not completely satisfied with the Instant Software Builder, contact me within 30 days of the purchase and I'll refund 100% of your purchase price. No questions asked!

So you get the best of both worlds! A One-Month RISK FREE proposition to try our product and you have absolutely nothing to lose!

Make Software and Make Money! Buy Now!!

No learning required! No Special Skills! and you don't have to be a Programmer!!

Well you have read it! You've witnessed how it churns out Software Ready for Use! in hours! and the potential to make a Lot of Money selling unlimited Software!

The Instant Software Builder is nothing short of a Wonder Ware!!

Remember! the Special price of $17 is for a limited time period only, in addition to the
100% Money-back Guarantee

There is profit all the Way!! Whichever way you look!

I have decided to sell Instant Software Builder for just $97. But for the limited time of the release I am offering you the Instant Software Builder package with more than half price discount.

So you don't have to pay $97, today you only pay $17.00

Here is how to get started...

YES Cody!
I know this Is A Limited Time Offer And It May Never Be Made Available To Me Again.

I can't wait to get my hand on these great product.

I can't believe how much you are offering me today.

I know anyone would have to be flat out insane to pass on this deal.

Please make sure I get all bonuses with my purchase.


To Your Success.

Cody Moya

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